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Halloween is just around the corner. Get your scare going early.

Pools of Yarah, my new Young Adult science fiction novel from Montag Press has just been released. $2.99 on Kindle. A millennium after mankind leaves for the stars, they are back. Will the people they left behind welcome them home?

Megalodon: Feeding Frenzy, my new giant Megalodon novel from Severed Press, is now available from Amazon. Drilling for oil in the Arctic, they drilled into an underwater cavern system sealed away since the Miocene Epoch. Now, giant Megalodon are trying to take back the oceans that spawned them, leaving mankind on the beach.

I will be at Bookman's on Speedway in Tucson on Saturday, Oct. 22 for the Zombie Fair to start out the Halloween season.

Jim Gurley

See the exclusive HELL RIG video trailer here!
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