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Happy Memorial Day Weekend. It's a holiday for people here, a time for family gatherings and cookouts, but soldiers on the front lines don't have the day off. Remember and pray for them and their families. They keep you safe so you can overeat and nap on the sofa.

I am joining the #SummerofZombie Blog Tour this June along with numerous other great zombie authors. For the next few days, Jake's Law, my latest zombie novel is free! Go to my iooks Page and select it. Also, Oracle of Delphi, my YA science fiction novel, is free as well for this week only.

Pools of Yarah, my new YA sci-fi novel, is now being chewed up and regurgitated by Mara Hodges at Montag Press. She always does a great job. I can't wait to see the results.
Jim Gurley

See the exclusive HELL RIG video trailer here!
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